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FÖRSTER     "Naturally Perfekt"


FÖRSTER is a range of premium building materials from EcoBoard. German for Forest Ranger, Förster is committed to protecting forests through environmentally compatible processes. Developed with German engineering, Förster products are made using top-of-the-line German machinery. Förster offers highly functional and sustainable building materials, which are substitutes to traditional wood-based panels. The brand’s extensive portfolio assures products specific to the needs of its varied clientele.

Produkte include:

1.  EcoWal


3.  EcoDor

4. EcoCraft

5. EcoMarble

6.  EcoFurn

7.  EcoFreeze

8.  EcoDek

9.  EcoPac


EcoWal "Resilient Space Management Solutions"

EcoWal is an advanced composite panel designed and developed to meet construction needs. These panels eliminate the need for traditional brick walls and cement boards. EcoWal panels are redefining the way internal dry walls are constructed, by offering a light-weight, durable and sustainable solution.

Features: Tongue-Groove, Single/Double Skin, Pre-Assembled.

Applications: Customers EcoWal panels lend themselves to a variety of commercial and personal uses Commercial Residential Hotel & Resorts Malls & Stores Hospitals

HDUMR "High Density Ultra Moisture Resistant Panels"

The High Density Ultra Moisture Resistant (HDUMR™) panel is a superior quality composite panel, addressing the construction needs of a multitude of applications, ranging from kitchens to railways. HDUMR™ panels are high density MR grade and fused with a unique resin developed by EcoBoard, putting them a level above traditional options made primarily from wood like plywood, MDF, HDF etc. Features: Multi-Size, Thickness 9mm to 50mm, Fire-retardant

Applications: Förster’s HDUMR™ panels lend themselves to a variety of commercial and personal uses. Building Materials Industrial Flooring Doors and Drywalls Packaging and Storage, Locomotives, Restaurant & Hotels Cold storage Home & Commercial

EcoDor "Premium Door Solutions"

EcoDor is a solid engineered door from Förster, providing a sustainable solution for personal and commercial construction needs. EcoDor products are zero-bending, fire-retardant and soundproof, with a solid core. A direct alternative to flush, PVC, and steel doors, EcoDor doors come in a variety of finishes from UV to traditional veneer. Its versatile sizes, ranging from 6 to 13 feet, make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Applications: Förster’s EcoDor doors lend themselves to a variety of commercial and personal uses. Apartments and Bungalows Commercial and Office Spaces Auditoriums Malls, Warehouses Industrial Spaces, Banks etc.

EcoCraft "Sustainable Alternatives for Art Mediums"

For generations, wood has been used as a medium of art in cultures all over the world. Handicrafts, sculptures, carvings and functional objects are carefully crafted from high quality wood. While directly replacing wood in ancient and contemporary art, EcoCraft is designed to offer a sustainable solution without compromising on creativity. EcoCraft panels are of the highest quality and router-friendly to ensure individual expression.

Applications: Förster’s EcoCraft panels lend themselves to a variety of uses. Resorts & Hotels Premium Homes & Apartments Spiritual Spaces Shopping Malls & Stores, Auditoriums Theaters Heritage Site Culture Centers

EcoMarble "Versatile & Sustainable Construction Alternatives"

EcoMarble is a superior quality composite panel, addressing a multitude of premium application needs. These panels are high density MR grade, and are fused with a unique resin developed by EcoBoard. EcoMarble panels are crafted using Italian machinery and are designed to replace traditional construction materials in homes and commercial spaces.

Applications: Förster’s EcoMarble panels lend themselves to a variety of commercial and personal uses Internal Walls, Doors & Staircases Floors & Ceilings Hotels & Resorts Corporate & Commercial Spaces, Retail Showrooms Cafeterias & Eateries

EcoFurn "Customisable Furniture Solutions"

EcoFurn offers a king-size laminated panel developed to craft commercial and residential furniture pieces. These panels are customisable without compromising on safety and durability. Specially treated to be 100% microorganism free, EcoFurn panels comply with export quality requirements..

Applications: Förster’s EcoFurn panels lend themselves to a variety of commercial and residential uses. Commercial Spaces Residential Buildings Hotels & Resorts Franchise, Malls & Store Banks Institute/Universities Hospitals/Clinics.

EcoFreeze "Flooring and Walls for Cold Storages"

EcoFreeze is an ultra-light composite panel created specifically for cold storages. These panels have a high load-bearing capacity, along with being fire-retardant. EcoFreeze products are designed with insulative materials to regulate internal temperatures, safely storing perishable goods.

Applications: Förster’s EcoFreeze panels lend themselves to a variety of industrial uses. Cold Storages & Containers Super Markets Pharmaceutical Industries Food Processing, Cold Containers Meat processing Cold themed recreational parks Air conditioned auditoriums.

EcoDek "Sustainable Industrial Flooring"

EcoDek is a composite panel engineered specifically to meet industrial flooring needs. The panels have high load-bearing capacities, along with being fire-retardant. EcoDek products directly replace the need to use steel plates or wood, allowing for sustainable spaces. The panels are lightweight, with a high level of functionality, and are customised according to each customer’s needs. Worlds first multi level ware house using sustainable panels is done with VF corporation in 2008.

Applications: Förster’s EcoDek panels lend themselves to a variety of industrial uses. Warehouses Industries Logistics Showrooms, Auditoriums Stage Cold Storage Offices.

EcoPac "Sustainable Industrial Packaging"

EcoPac is an advanced composite panel created to meet industrial packaging needs. These panels are optimised for export packaging, with technical features oriented towards international shipping. EcoPac panels are a direct replacement for traditional packaging materials like plywood and are customised according to each customer’s needs.

Applications: Förster’s EcoPac panels lend themselves to a variety of industrial and logistical uses. Industrial Packaging Sea Containers Air Cargo Logistics, Engineering Heavy Machines Cold Storage Containers Glass

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